Greenwood Cruze or Cash Giveaway

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And the winner is...

Mahoning Columbiana Training Association


Leigh is one of ten finalists to qualify for the 2016 Greenwood Cruze or Cash Giveaway.  She started giving to the United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley back in 1988.  She's been a dedicated donor and volunteer ever since, most recently serving on our Impact Panels.  Leigh decided to take the $15,000 cash.

"I encourage everyone to give to United Way." said Leigh, "It's not about the cash or the car, it's about the good things that United way does."

Every year, Greg Greenwood and his team at Greenwood Chevrolet sponsor our campaign incentive.  It's a joint incentive between our United Way and the United Way of Trumbull County.  Any United Way donor who gives a total of $260 a year is qualified to win the grand prize.  We pick ten finalists, five from each United Way, to come to Greenwood Chevrolet.  They randomly pick a key and try to start a vehicle.  The finalist to pick the right key and start the car wins the prize.  This year Leigh picked the right key!