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United Way Fights for a Healthier Mahoning Valley

Across the Valley, families must decide whether to pay for rent or food. Parents are weighing the cost of child care against the income they can make at a job. Seniors have to choose between paying for their heat or purchasing their needed medications. Being able to meet basic needs including access to safe housing, adequate food and medical care, enables individuals and families to build a stable life, thus providing greater stability in our community.


Initiatives & Collaboratives


In partnership with our local schools, Hometown Pharmacy's Healthy Kids Free Vitamin Program is designed to help students stay healthy.  Our United Way believes that every young child needs the necessary vitamins to grow up healthy and stable.  

Any child between the ages of 5-12 has the opportunity to receive a free 30-day supply of children's chewable vitamins EACH month for an ENTIRE YEAR. If you know a child between the ages 5-12 not yet involved in this initiative, go to any Hometown Pharmacy or visit the Hometown Pharmacy Webpage to enroll them in this amazing program!


Learn more about Health Kids Free Vitamins:

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Our United Way is one of nearly 1,000 United Ways that partner with FamilyWize, an organization that provides a free prescription discount card for anyone regardless of health history, economic status, or geographic location.  The Free Prescription Discount Card was designed for those who opt out of a medical plan, aren't eligible for benefits; part-timers and new employees, have HSA and high deductible plans, aren't covered, or have a family member without coverage.

Those using the discount card can save up to 75% and the average savings per prescription is $20! Since we began our partnership with FamilyWize in 2007, we have helped save our community over $3.2 million!
Visit the FamilyWize website to print off your Free Prescription Discount Card and to find one of the participating 60,000 pharmacies.




Health Facts

  • Two-thirds of adults and more than 33% of children and adolescents are overweight or obese. That’s 25 million kids and teenagers who are at increased risk for more than 20 major diseases, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.1
  • One in two adults (about 133 million Americans) have at least one chronic disease.2
  • The number of Americans without health insurance has increased steadily since the beginning of the century, now totaling about 47 million. More than 80% are working families.3
  • 8.7 million children live without health insurance – more than the total number enrolled in the first and second grades in U.S. public schools.4


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2Chronic Disease- The Power to Prevent, the Call to Control. At a Glance 2009, CDC

3Employee Benefit Research Institute estimates from the March Current Population Survey, 2007 Supplement.
4Compiled by the State Health Access Data Assistance Center (SHADAC), University of Minnesota School of Public Health, using data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey 2007.