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Gloria Jones Report Card Mentoring is back in the classroom!

We started this program when we launched Success After 6 in 2015. It will be held at three schools for the 2024-25 school year.

  • Youngstown Community School
  • Boardman Glenwood Junior High School
  • Liberty – E.J. Blott Guy Elementary School

Young adults who face an opportunity gap but have a mentor are 55% more likely to enroll in college than those who don’t have a mentor. Students who meet regularly with their mentors are 52% less likely than their peers to skip a day of school.

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Registration will open June 2024.

What do you need to do?

Arrive at the school (times announced soon).
We will conduct a refresher and brief run-through before students arrive. Please be ready to go at the start time of your assigned school’s program.

Sign In
You will receive your mentor packet and set up your spot. In your mentor packet, you will receive a name card and commitment cards.

Students Arrive
You will have 10 minutes to work with each student. Success After 6 and United Way staff members will help match the students to their mentors. You will have the same student each session, depending on absences.

Introduce Yourself
Take this time to briefly get to know your student.

Report Card Review
Please be encouraging! Talk about where they had difficulty, where they had success, how can they do better, do they need extra help, etc.

Share stories of what you were like as a student, to now working hard at your job. Explain the importance of improving their grades, and how they can improve. Please do not reprimand. Focus on encouraging them to improve. They will look forward to seeing you each session!

Commitment Cards
You will get 2 commitment cards. **One you will return to the Success After 6 coordinator** and the other one will be given to the student. You will help students develop 2-3 goals or steps the students can take to improve or maintain their grades. On the student commitment card please write an encouraging message—You can do it! I believe in you! Keep it up!—that way the student will keep their goals and get some encouragement from their mentor they can keep with them until the next session.

You can provide your students with small incentives. Please use your best judgment on what to give them and keep in mind food allergies.