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2020’s Success By 6 was an adventure for all of us as we faced the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic.

As we approached the summer months of 2020, we knew life would still not go back to normal. Our Impact Team still wanted to provide resources to our schools for Success By 6, knowing it would not look like the program in previous years. We opened up a grant process, asking all 19 school districts to submit a plan and budget on how they would prepare their incoming kindergarten students.

10 schools took advantage of the funding and served 455 students.

The schools offered summer learning kits and some even created YouTube channels where they provided daily lessons for the children to follow along on their own time. The students experienced growth in literacy, math, and social-emotional skills.


2021 – WE’RE BACK IN PERSON!  Success By 6 started in early June and will run through mid-August, right before the students head back for the 2021-2022 school year.

The students will receive 64 hours of instruction from a licensed teacher. They will get ready to step foot into kindergarten well prepared both academically as well as socially and emotionally!

Check out our 2021-2022 Ready, Set, Grow Calendar!

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  • "I think it's a perfect intro into kindergarten. I was really happy that he was in the school he'll be attending in the fall. I saw him grow a lot, especially his confidence when he was in Success By 6."

    Parent of Success By 6 Student at South Range Elementary School

  • "Success By 6 got her motivated to like school. She struggled at first. She didn't want to learn, but this got her into the routine and she started to get excited about school. It's an excellent program."

    Parent of Success By 6 student Struthers Elementary School

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