Promising Men Mentorship

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The Promising Men Mentorship Program is a United Way Initiative in Youngstown Community School. The program will seek to partner successful African-American and Hispanic men from the local community as positive role models and mentors for 6th and 7th grade boys. 
The program takes place during student's lunch hour once a week.
The mission of the program is to provide support, guidance, and encourage young men to follow a path to become Promising Men.
The goals of the program include:
Building Character
Developing Pathways to Achievement
Building a sense of Resiliency
Being Prepared for 21st Century Careers
Providing Hope, Encouragement
Setting Expectations 
Promising Men partners with The Kool Boiz Foundation and Boys and Girls Club of Youngstown which provide educational, financial and emotional support for boys and young men of color. They advocate for youth, empowerment and change.
Interested in becoming a mentor contact Roxann Sebest at