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Quarter Three - United Way's Current Achievements

Thank you to Chris & Ed Muransky and The Muransky Companies for being a Presenting Sponsor for our Centennial Celebration.
We truly appreciate your generous support to make an impact in our community.

The Muransky Companies are one of four presenting sponsors for the United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley's Centennial Celebration.  Chris Muransky currently sits on the United Way Board while Ed Muransky serves as an active volunteer.

"I love to see the transition we're having of running our own initiatives, especially because children's causes are so important to Ed and I," said Chris Muransky of The Muransky Companies.  "I think the education we focus on is very important as well as emergency services."

When our United Way was ready to make the move to the Community Impact model, Ed and Chris Muransky stood behind us and supported this decision.  They helped us launch Success After 6 at the Youngstown Community School in 2015.



 "Things have changed through the years, but more recently for the children," said Ed Muransky of The Muransky Companies.   "Giving them hope.  Giving them a chance to get the education they need and the love they need."

You can often find Ed and Chris volunteering in the schools.  They work one on one with the students, and are involved in our R
eport Card Mentoring program.  Their dedication to the children doesn't stop in the school.  They continue to provide them with support and expose them to various experiences they may not otherwise experience.



"I hope we continue on the path that we're on - to serve as many people as we can especially the youth who need it," said Chris.  "This ensures a better future for everyone in the Valley."

The Muransky Companies was named our Top Workplace Campaign in 2018.  Ed and Chris provide great leadership that transfers to their employees at all levels.  They not only give at a high level they also advocate and volunteer for United Way.   Many of their employees volunteer as Report Card Mentors or generously donate Christmas gifts for our Success After 6 students.



"We're just scratching the surface.  We are making headway.  We are making a change." said Ed.  "We're doing the right thing and continuing the great impact we've had the last 100 years and all those generations.  Let's give a little hope for the next generation for that continued impact."