Young Women's Mentorship

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Young Women’s Mentorship program paired 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students at Boardman Center Middle School, Taft Elementary School, and Williamson Elementary School with women mentors from various professional backgrounds.
The program takes place during students lunch hour once a week.

A United Way staff member oversees the weekly sessions.  Each session is based off of a specific theme. Mentors are given the opportunity to discuss topics with their mentees and bond over activities and brain storming sessions.  Guest speakers are invited to participate in the themed sessions.

Themes include:
•    Building Self Confidence & Self Esteem
•    Recognizing the Characteristics of Healthy Friendships & Relationships
•    Developing Good Personal Hygiene and Body Care
•    Healthy Eating and Nutrition
•    Introduction to STEM
•    Goal Setting and Future Planning
•    Report Card Mentoring
•    Field Trips

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“I love seeing the girls. They literally changed my life. They inspire me. They give me hope. They give me more courage in myself.  The girls are so observant. They’re so compassionate. They cheer me up every time I see them.”

Rebecca, Mentor at Williamson Elementary, with her mentee Daeonnah





"I really enjoy being part of the Young Women's Mentorship Program at Taft Elementary School. Spending time with the girls and fellow mentors is a highlight of my week.  Not only does this program encourage and empower young women to dream big, but it also  fosters personal growth for the women of all ages who participate. And, the girls' smiles and enthusiasm are the best parts of all!”

Marne, Mentor at Taft Elementary, with Mentees Autumn and Danielle